Rapid Dams shows its capabilities in the WA goldfields

Big Projects for Rapid Dams

Rapid Dams shows its capabilities in the WA goldfields

Rapid Dams, launched in 2015 as a specialist in building tailings storage facilities, has been kicking goals with several major projects completed in the W.A. goldfields and mid-west regions

Recently finished projects in the goldfields region include two Raised Wet lift TSFs and a major Dry-lift TSF project.

The company has rapidly become a significant player in the building of tailings storage facilities, dam extensions and the building of Clay and HDPE and PVC lined ponds for the mining industry.

The team is also able to undertake road construction, drainage and rehabilitation earthworks.

Rapid Dams is led by a highly competent, well experienced duo in Martin Fowler, and Mark Bowman.

Martin Fowler and Mark Bowman take responsibility for project supervision and the handling of contracts.

One of the strengths of the team is that there is simply no more experience likely to be available in this type of work than what they offer.

They have worked extensively through the goldfields and other mining areas across Australia for many years before joining Rapid. What’s more, they’re equipped with the best plant available for the type of work they’re undertaking.

One of the really strong features of the team is that the work is supervised on-site by the company leaders, Martin and Mark. The buck stops with them in the quality of workmanship delivered.

They’re highly experienced, among the very best in their field, so clients can have absolute confidence in Rapid Dams delivering quality workmanship that is second to none.

If you have a project that could use the attention of Rapid Dams – no matter how large or small, please feel welcome to make contact. Martin Fowler Tel (08) 9452 5888 or:  martin.fowler@rapidcrushing.com.au


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