Designing the ideal crushing plant with the help of software

When it comes to designing crushing plants we use Bruno Simulation a plant flow analysis software program developed specifically for the aggregate and mining industry.

We use it to build a virtual crushing plant on the computer screen – choose equipment types and settings, monitor flow rates and gradations at desired points, then run the plant.

By experimenting with different types of equipment and settings we can fully optimise crushing, screening and washing equipment to maximise the production of desired products.

Aggregate producers, equipment manufacturers around the world use this software to reduce calculation time and increase the productivity of their aggregate and mining operations.

The system also helps us in modifying equipment to meet the specific needs of our clients. We have undertaken specific modifications to equipment – for example, a track jaw crusher to make it more suitable for harder crushing applications.

This all sounds simple enough – but it is one of the differences between Rapid and other operators. Rapid is able to make these modifications to suit client needs in our own workshop. Others would have to contact the manufacturers to ascertain if it was possible for their equipment to be modified.

It’s this sort of thing that makes the difference.

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