World’s best practice explosives magazines…built specifically for their purpose!

As standards for storing dangerous goods become more stringent, it is becoming increasingly important that explosives are stored in containers that meet the Australian Standard/ AS2187.1-1998.

A surprising number of companies resort to the ‘el cheapo’ method of storing explosives in upgraded shipping containers which only just meet the compliance conditions.

As compliance responsibilities with Explosives Storage Regulations become more stringent, many companies are going to have to face the reality that their barely compliant box is not going to ‘cut the mustard’.

This is an area of responsibility that has concerned Irvine Engineering, a division of Rapid Crushing for a considerable number of years and it is our strong belief that the only responsible approach is for companies that have explosives to have them stored in a properly constructed explosives magazine.

In accordance with this attitude, Irvine Engineering builds explosives magazines that have meticulous compliance to every detail of Explosives Storage Regulations throughout the country.

We strongly believe they should be more than just solid, hence the following specifications are included in the magazines that we produce:

  • Massive 6mm steel plate walls and 10mm thick doors
  • Properly designed ventilation that gives more than adequate compliance to air flow requirements
  • Highly secure door locking systems – 6 tongues / door
  • All double door magazines have full width doors both ends which, unlike sea container magazines, make stock rotation easy – load one end, unload from the other end.
  • Insulation and timber lining exceeding current Standards: Walls are insulated and lined with timber, giving each wall a thickness of 100mm. This creates an internal measurement of 20.24 m2 for a 10 tonne magazine. Under a directive from the Mines Department (Explosives Branch), we must have 2m2 per tonne stored i.e. 20.24 m2 = 10.12 tonne magazine.
  • Fully welded external joints
  • In-built rated lifting points allowing the sunroof to be left fitted for transport
  • Main door beams have exposed cyclone tie down points and access for bolting down to the slab footings unlike sea containers which only have corner eye points.

Other features of the Irvine Explosives magazines…

  • Vastly reduced manual handing and repetitive lifting requirements due to full width double doors that allow the loading of full pallets direct from a forklift onto either of the 2 rows of purpose built rated trolleys – unlike the manual unloading/loading needed in converted sea containers which only have a single row of trolleys or no trolleys at all.
  • Capacity for detonators/boosters is 4,000 detonators/boosters per 1 tonne of capacity.
  • Hinges on day boxes are concealed and the padlock has a shroud to prevent access to the lock by gas or bolt cutting.

If you have a need for an Explosives magazine why not call us. We absolutely guarantee the level of workmanship is second to none and that standards are well ahead of compliance requirements.

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