One of the world’s biggest track mounted crushers arriving soon in Australia

One of the world’s biggest heavy duty track mounted primary crushers will soon be arriving in Australia.

The unit, being brought to Australia by Rapid Crushing is a Johnsson L160.

This enormous unit, weighing in at roughly 170 tonnes is a Johnsson frame fitted with a Metso 160 jaw crusher.

Rapid is the first private contractor to operate one in Australia.

These units, built specifically to order in Sweden are designed to deliver industry-leading crushing performance.

They’re fitted with high-quality Metso crushers and can be operated by its own o-board diesel powered generator or electricity from the grid or another power source.

This unit is the ideal mobile solution for open quarries requiring a seriously high capacity, heavy-duty operation.

Glen Irvine, Rapid’s Operations Manager said the unit will be put to good use when it arrives in Australia.

‘We’re excited to obtain this machine because it adds to our capacity to deliver what clients want – tonnage produced with absolute reliability at the best price possible.

The unit’s fleet number is aptly ‘E 747’ so it has been appropriately named ‘Jumbo’.

It is optioned with a larger feeder, rear support legs, hopper extension wings and every other option available to be set up for delivering high volume, low cost primary crushing.

It adds to our capacity to crush all types of mineral ores including iron ore, gold and nickel as well as construction materials such as concrete and road aggregates, specialty fill materials, rail ballast, road base, blast stemming and rip-.

Rapid is currently operating a fleet consisting of the following:

  • Six Track Jaw / Cone & Screen Circuits with the Johnsson about to be added to the line-up.
  • Eight Modular Jaw / Cone & Screen Circuits
  • One Fixed Jaw / Cone & Screen Circuit


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