One of the world’s biggest track mounted crushers arriving soon in Australia

One of the world’s biggest heavy duty track mounted primary crushers will soon be arriving in Australia.

The unit, being brought to Australia by Rapid Crushing is a Johnsson L160.

This enormous unit, weighing in at roughly 170 tonnes is a Johnsson frame fitted with a Metso 160 jaw crusher.

Rapid is the first private contractor to operate one in Australia.

These units, built specifically to order in Sweden are designed to deliver industry-leading crushing performance.

They’re fitted with high-quality Metso crushers and can be operated by its own o-board diesel powered generator or electricity from the grid or another power source.

This unit is the ideal mobile solution for open quarries requiring a seriously high capacity, heavy-duty operation.

Glen Irvine, Rapid’s Operations Manager said the unit will be put to good use when it arrives in Australia.

‘We’re excited to obtain this machine because it adds to our capacity to deliver what clients want – tonnage produced with absolute reliability at the best price possible.

The unit’s fleet number is aptly ‘E 747’ so it has been appropriately named ‘Jumbo’.

It is optioned with a larger feeder, rear support legs, hopper extension wings and every other option available to be set up for delivering high volume, low cost primary crushing.

It adds to our capacity to crush all types of mineral ores including iron ore, gold and nickel as well as construction materials such as concrete and road aggregates, specialty fill materials, rail ballast, road base, blast stemming and rip-.

Rapid is currently operating a fleet consisting of the following:

  • Six Track Jaw / Cone & Screen Circuits with the Johnsson about to be added to the line-up.
  • Eight Modular Jaw / Cone & Screen Circuits
  • One Fixed Jaw / Cone & Screen Circuit


Rapid Dams spreads its wings across the country

A reorganised Rapid Dams has increased its capabilities and is now taking on projects across the country as well as being focused on its home base of Western Australia.

Rapid Dams is currently undertaking a major tailings Dams project in New South Wales while at the same time building two tailings dam projects in Western Australia.

General Manager, Bernard O’Sullivan who was recently appointed to expand the operation’s capabilities and efficiencies, said Rapid Dams has come a long way since its formative period.

‘We’re currently undertaking an interesting project in Cobar – a substantial circular, central discharge tailings dam for Glencore’s CSA mine, ‘ he said.

This underground copper mine employs 300 people and with an output of 1.1 million tonnes of copper ore, it produces in excess of 185,000 tonnes of copper concentrate per annum.


‘It is a big project as the central reverse discharge system flows into additional discharge ponds.

Needless to say it requires really detailed logistical support,’ he said.

In addition to this project, Rapid Dams is currently building a tailings dam for Saracen Gold’s Carouse Dam Gold Mine near Laverton and another for the Kirkalocka Gold Mine south of Mt Magnet.

New General Manager, Bernard O’Sullivan

Bernard O’Sullivan, an experienced engineering surveyor, and former president of the ‘Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI)’, also former manager of Survey Results and BOS Civil, a surveying consultancy and a civil construction company, said that in expanding the capabilities of Rapid Dams they had extensively reorganised the company.

New project and site managers have been appointed and the company now has the capability of handling projects of any size – from small to very large.

Whilst its principal activities are still the building and refurbishment of tailings dams, the company can undertake mine site rehabilitation work and any earthworks associated with dam construction projects.

He added that mining operations needing any of this type of work done should feel confident in contacting Rapid Dams because the company’s capabilities are second to none.

He can be contacted via or (08) 9452 5888

Here’s something you should know about crushing and screening productivity

More $ spent on site set up = Lower project costs & Higher productivity

If ever there was a reality that applies to mine site crushing and screening services – what seems to be the lowest cost method of doing things, invariably doesn’t work out that way.

The way to maximise site productivity in relation to output and costs of production is to take the long term view.

When it comes to crushing, screening and conveying, the site set up and equipment commissioning can make all the difference between a so-so operation and one that will give maximum efficiency.

Achieving maximum efficiency often means higher initial set-up costs, but when it comes to production, reliability and cost savings – in the long run, this method finishes up being a mile in front.

This is the Rapid Crushing and Screening Contracting Services way of doing things.

With 15 plants around Australia and 38 years of experience in providing contract crushing and screening services, we have learnt a thing or two about:

  • designing and building plant
  • delivering tonnage to meet client requirements
  • delivering at the lowest possible tonnage cost
  • delivering to the highest possible production targets and standards.

The process of being able to create plant with first rate delivery capabilities came through our engineering division, Irvine Engineering (WA) Pty Ltd that our Principal, Neil Irvine had established prior to beginning a one plant crushing and screening operation.

He began as most crushing and screening contracting services do – by purchasing off-the-shelf equipment and competing with others to win contracts.

When it was realised that better productivity could frequently be achieved by reconfiguring the equipment, (often to meet the configuration of a site) our unique engineering works came into its own.

Nowadays, when we win a contract we look seriously at client requirements and the layout of the site to select the machinery best suited and whether it needs changes to its configuration.

It means we never have to make something fit that’s not quite right for a project. It enables us to take on the more difficult projects, satisfying the most stringent specifications that often cannot be met by other crushing plant operators because they’re limited to the capabilities of their machinery and reliance on third party contractors for repair and maintenance work.

Without our engineering works this would have been more costly and difficult to achieve.

Proof of the right gear making a difference!

In 2014 we proved to a major mining company how much more efficient we can be than our competitors.

The client had a pressing need to produce a major amount of tonnage in a short period of time and had several contractors working the site.

When they realised the required production deadline was unlikely to be met, they called us in.

Our machinery, completely out – produced what was on site with the final result being that the target was achieved.

A great example of creating a unique design was at the Moly Metals Spinifex Ridge DSO Mine in the Pilbara.

Rapid commissioned a large 3 stage fixed crushing and screening circuit to process 1 million tonne pa of ore with a capacity to ramp up production if required.

This plant was uniquely designed and constructed to fit the contours of an elevated escarpment with about 12m difference between the ROM feed point to the toe of the product stockpile to achieve a stockpiling facility of around 80,000 tonnes.

The difference in output capacity between what we were able to produce and what a standard conventional system would have achieved was considerable. End result – cost savings for the client.

FMG’s Cloud Break Site

The plant we have installed at FMG’s Cloud Break mine has a unique cone screen combination that gives us a greater level of throughput.

In addition to a better level of efficiency, an aspect that particularly appeals to us is that this unique design took less time to assemble on site.

This particular contract follows on from previous work that Rapid undertook for FMG at

Christmas Creek where Rapid produced nearly 4 million tonnes of iron ore for shipment in a particularly tight time frame.

Essentially, Rapid Crushing is one of the rare companies with the know-how to build and modify plant ourselves – making it superior to the plant you can buy ‘off the shelf’.

While that doesn’t sound significant to someone simply examining quotes, it does become significant with respect to the final outcome of a project.

In fact we can prove that a more expensive quote is often a cheaper quote in the long run.

So, if you’re thinking of calling for a site contractor, why not ask us how we would tackle your project?


Plant to suit your project

Rapid Crushing has created a wide range of high production crushing, screening and conveying circuits ranging from mobile & modular plants crushing up to 600 tph and fixed plants able to crush 1,000 tph.

Rapid is currently operating the following fleet:

►►Seven Track Jaw / Cone & Screen Circuits

►►Six Modular Jaw / Cone & Screen Circuits

►►Two Fixed Jaw / Cone & Screen Circuits

Each has been configured to suit the specific site in which it is operating.

Rapid crushes and screens all types of mineral ores including iron ore, gold and nickel as well as construction materials such as concrete and road aggregates, specialty fill materials, rail ballast, road base, blast stemming, rip rap and armour rock so the need for a varied range of equipment is considerable.

Why not give us a try…. Be assured, we won’t disappoint you.