Irvine Engineering has designed and manufactured explosive magazines for over 25 years.

Standard Magazines from 500kg to 20 tonne units with trolleys and day boxes from 50 kg to 250 kg are manufactured to Australian Standard AS 2187.1-1998 at our modern Maddington factory.

Magazines are fully welded on external joints (not like stitch welded models from some suppliers).

If you wish to have proof that your site is fully compliant with all of the Explosives Storage Regulations, your  best move is to have a properly constructed explosives magazine. Unlike shipping containers merely adapted for the purpose, as used on some sites, the Irvine range of Explosives Storage Magazines are built specifically for their purpose. With 30 years experience in building quality explosives magazines, Irvine Engineering is meticulous in ensuring compliance with every detail of Explosives Storage Regulations throughout the country.

The Irvine range of Explosives Storage Magazines are an icon of the mining industry in WA. They’re now being built to the exact same specifications in Irvine Engineering’s new fabrication workshop facility in Mackay, Queensland.

You may get away with a ‘just compliant’ converted container for the time being, but as standards for storing dangerous goods are upgraded, so inspections will give credit to the product that’s purpose built to the new Australian Standard/ AS2187.1-1998.

Features of these ‘Fort Knox – like’ magazines include:

  • Insulation and timber lining exceeding current Standards
  • Properly designed ventilation giving fully compliant air flow capacity
  • Massive 6mm steel plate walls and 10mm thick doors  fully welded external joints
  • in-built rated lifting points allowing the sunroof to be left fitted for transport
  • Highly secure door locking systems – 6 tongues / door
  • All double door magazines have full width doors both ends (unlike sea container magazines) to make stock rotation easy – load one end, unload from the other end.
  • Vastly reduced manual handing and repetitive lifting due to full width double doors – allows loading full pallets direct from a forklift onto either of the 2 rows of purpose built rated trolleys – not manual unloading/loading into converted sea containers which only have a single row of trolleys or no trolleys at all.
  • Main floor beams have exposed cyclone tie down points and access for bolting down to the slab footings unlike sea containers which only have corner eye points.

Manufacturing & Support Facilities

Rapid Crushing utilizes the expertise of our own manufacturing company, Irvine Engineering (WA) Pty Ltd, also based in Maddington WA and Mackay QLD, to design, manufacture and maintain the crushing equipment.

This in-house support gives Rapid excellent plant productivity and reliability. Our plan is for our crushing plants to be as effective on the last day of a contract as it was on the first.

Rapid’s focus is on continually improving production rates with adjustments to the plant to increase hourly and daily production. We do not rely on sub-contractors as we believe it is better to maintain total control over the quality of plant and reliability of supply.

Rapid Crushing is experienced in working in remote locations with limited access and limited communications. To this end, we have created a culture within the Company to be self-sufficient on site and have developed a workforce that has the ability to make do with the resources on hand.