Contract Crushing

Rapid Crushing & Screening Contractors Pty ltd is a privately owned West Australian company, established in 1978, to service the mining, construction and quarrying industries with crushing and screening services.

Over the years we have grown to become the biggest independent crushing contractor, and to possibly have the widest range of capabilities of any crushing contractor service in Australia.

Rapid has been awarded major crushing and screening contracts with major mining companies and civil and earthmoving contractors throughout W.A and Australia.

We take pride in being a unique specialist in supplying a large range of crushing and screening service on a contract basis throughout Australia.

Our uniqueness comes about through the fact that we build and design our plant and equipment to the specifications of the client and it is adapted to the layout of the client’s site.  It means that our plant and the configuration of equipment can be quite different to that of other contractors because it is designed with one thing in mind: maximising output efficiency!

The important thing to note is that by doing this we have proven time and again that we can produce 25% - 50% more product on the ground than other contractors FOR THE SAME TOTAL  PRICE!….including Principal supplied fuel, flights & accommodation etc.

We use the latest in high production equipment, manned by experienced personnel. We are proud to say that our team maintains an outstanding safety record. We have awards to prove it.

Our crushing service is supported by modern office and workshop facilities based in Maddington, Perth, WA, and Mackay QLD. These facilities provide the infrastructure to fabricate,service and rebuild our equipment.

This means that by using the services of Rapid Crushing & Screening you gain a fully independent crushing and screening service that is not reliant on being serviced or supplied with spare parts by a third party.

This independence has been proven time and again to make a major difference in final production output.